Going Green Will Cost Wichita Falls More Green

Many of you are asking Wichita Falls officials to expand the existing recycle program. City officials from the Sanitation department say adding anymore recycle items to the list can come with a hefty price tag.

Wichita Falls resident Samantha McManen Ebeyta is already taking advantage of the curb side recycle program, but she wants more community members to get involved. "I think that more people would do recycling if they didn't have to take it somewhere. Samantha added, "If they could just take it outside and put it in a bin more residents would participate."

Samantha asked the city to expand its current curb side Organic Material Recycle Program. She wants to dispose of other recycle items in her recycle bin, and not have to drive somewhere to do so.   

David Lehfeldt, Sanitation Superintendent of Wichita Falls, said separating recycled products could cost a lot of money. He commented , "Anytime you start mixing different types of products together that have to be processed differently, then you have to build a facility and pull them apart at a later date." Lehfeldt said a separation facility does not come cheap. It would cost tax payers about $10,000,000 to build and more money to run. "In order to make it work you have to have a way to haul it someplace. You got to transport it long distances and it just takes money and people."

Lehfeldt said residents who want to recycle anything other than organic compost needs to drive to a drop off station. There are about 15 locations around the city where you can recycle glass, metals and paper, but not plastic.      

City officials said right now they are currently recycling 25,000 tons of material yearly through their compost program.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6