A Wichita Falls Non-profit is on a Mission to Help Overseas

One Texoma organization is heading overseas on a mission to help people in need.

Latin Gala Charities is sponsoring a dental mission for the first time. They are sending an organized team Wichita Falls dentists and other members to the small village of Savalos, Nicaragua. The Wichita Falls non-profit plans to help over 300 people who are all in desperate need of basic dental care. 

Founders, Sara Green and Martha Seegers, said the charity has gathered nearly 400 pounds of dental supplies. Doctor James Green, one of two dentist who will be going on the four day mission said, "There's an unlimited need for our services in the world, this just happens to be a group of people we like to help. It just feels amazing to help them."

Basic dental work will include everything from fillings, tooth extractions, to educating adults and children on home dental care and pre-preventative care. Doctor Green commented, "If we are able to clean some of these infections up and show people how to take better care, it does improve their overall health."

Helping to treat and improve the overall health of people in need, is the goal Latin Gala Charities strives for. Doctor Green commented, "They are very appreciative and thankful and it's just a pleasure to get to help them." Latin Gala Charities not only helps people and organizations in Nicaragua, Colombia and El Salvador are also on their list. The organization also provides scholarship money and funds school supplies for overseas orphanages.

Founders, Sara Green and Martha Seegers, both hope their efforts overseas encourage other Texomans to get involved and make a difference.  

This is the 8th year the charity has been in existence. If you would like to help support their cause you can do so by attending their yearly gala event. It takes place April 21st at the Wichita Falls Country Club. You can contact the organization by their facebook page.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6