Archer County Land Dispute

A land dispute between has upset many Archer County residents. Several residents received a letter this month from the Texas General Land Office. The letter states their land isn't actually owned by them, but by the state. The land in question lies between FM 2650 and Durango Trail down through Three Way Road to FM 2224 in Archer County.

Frances Heath and her husband are one of more than a dozen homeowners scared about what the future holds when it comes to their property.

"We built this home a little over six years ago," she said.

Her life-long possession could soon be snatched up by the state. Frances' neighbor brought a letter to her attention last week. The letter is from the State's General Land Office. With words like "dispose of" and "sealed bid in June" it doesn't sit well with her.

"It's frightening to think they can just come in and sell our property."

The letter further states several homes are owned by the "Permanent School Fund, as per attached field notes of 1938, is the owner of 40.6 acres in the J. Gregg Hill Survey." It's land that was never sold from the state and therefore remained the property of the PSF. The sale of that land went directly to the Permanent School Fund, which then went to education. The letter shows the state has owned the property since 1938.

"I don't know why somebody hasn't found it since 1938 if there's something wrong," said Heath.

"Occasionally we find title questions that come up across the state," said Press Secretary of the General Land Office, Jim Suydam.

He says this is one of those issues.

"I would just tell folks out there to rest assured that we're going to get all of this worked out, we think, and have a very positive outcome at the end," said Suydam.

In the meantime residents who have deeds on their property, pay county taxes, and have titles on their homes have to wait for the land dispute to be resolved.

Official with the General Land Office will hold a meeting Wednesday, March 7. It will be at 6:30 p.m. at the Archer County Activity Building in Holliday. A representative from the office will be available for questions.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.