Allergy Alert: Symptoms Flaring Up

Sneezing and itchy watery eyes are getting worse for many allergy sufferers. Medical experts say the warmer weather is causing allergy season to start earlier this year. Wichita Falls Family Practice is seeing an increase of patients with severe allergy symptoms.

Texoma's mild and warm winter is wrecking havoc for people who suffer from allergies. People said their allergy symptoms are flaring up. Doctor Ahmed Matter, with Wichita Falls Family Practice said, "The common things that we see around here are the grass, dust, and pollen. Those are all very common triggers."

Those triggers can get out of hand. Doctor Mattar said the best way to prevent symptoms from getting worse is to start taking preventative medications. "Starting on that early before the symptoms start, or before they get to bad, is very helpful." Over-the-counter medications usually do the trick, but blood test or allergy shots are also an option.    

Doctor Mattar said in the case that your allergy symptoms get progressively worse, it is best that you seek medical attention.

Medical experts say when days that pollen counts are high, allergy sufferers are advised to stay indoors as much as they can. Other tips that can help include, keeping windows closed, even cleaning or changing your air conditioning filter.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6