Wilbarger General Hospital Makes Improvements

A Texoma hospital is working to improve patient care.  The Wilbarger General Hospital's 3rd floor in-patient wing features brand new rooms.

The hospital was constructed back in 1969.  Since then, patient rooms have been untouched until now.

"We stepped forward, we went ahead and did a complete renovation where we've gutted each of these rooms, built them back as full private rooms," said Jonathon Voelkel, the hospital's CEO.

Wilbarger General Hospital kicked off their $2.5 million project in June of 2011.  Voelkel says the improvements were needed as patient rooms had not been updated since the hospital was first built.

Voelkel said,  "The rooms were consistent with how they were built when they first built the hospital."

With the renovations there are 12 new patient rooms and each room offer more space and more advanced technology than the older ones.

"Technology wise, of course we went to phase one of the EMR, which is the Electronic Medical Record, and we have the computer systems in all of our rooms," said Voelkel.

Each room also has a flat screen TV, new decor and better lighting along with the latest nurse's call system and medical equipment.  The hospital renovations don't stop there.  Work on the hospital's south wing will soon get underway.

Voelkel said,  "We anticipate beginning within the month.  Within the next 40 to 30 days."

In a few short weeks, north wing rooms will be ready for patients.  It is the hospital staff's hope that the new rooms will create a warmer environment, helping patients and their family members feel welcome and at ease.

"Set a more of a relaxing tone then just the sterile environment you usually have in the hospital.  The message we want to send is we really are building for the future.  We really are looking toward the future and quality is a big piece of the future," added Voelkel.

The entire 3rd floor renovation project should be completed by 2013.  Once it is complete, it will hold 28 patient beds.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.