French Quarter Fire: Follow Up

It has been one month since one of the apartment buildings caught fire at the French Quarter Apartments in Wichita Falls. Victims now have a roof over their head and community support. 

One month ago flames shot through the roof of one of the French Quarter Apartment building. Katrina Farmer, Executive Director with Red Cross North Central Texas Chapter, is keeping busy. She is making sure each person affected by the fire continues to get support.  She said, "We call and check on them to see if there is anything else that we could do, or we give referrals."

In total 19 people were displaced by the French Quarter fire. All the fire victims were all put temporarily in a hotel, but now each one of them have been placed in vacant units at French Quarter. Many of the fire victims are Midwestern State University students. Farmer commented, "They were young students so they were here numerous days in a row coming in and getting additional services from us."

Midwestern State University officials said several students also received assistance from the Dean of Students Department. The students received new books, scrubs, and free meals from the on-campus food court.

Farmer said the biggest support is the emotional support the victims receive. Red Cross volunteers help heal and get the victims back to their everyday lives. "It's really a value to be able to help. Sometimes a hug is worth so much and to be able to tell people it will be ok, it helps."

Red Cross will keep in touch and support fire victims up to 45 days after. Red Cross spent about $6,000 helping French Quarter fire victims.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6