Plans Moving Forward To Ease Traffic Congestion

The long-awaited solution to one of the most congested intersections in Wichita Falls may leave you with less headaches and more hope.

Rhea Road-Call Field Realignment Project supporter Carol Sanders said, "This is a bad corner. And it's awfully heavily-traveled. So yeah, I think it makes a lot of sense."

The city is making plans to realign the Rhea Road and Call Field Road intersections, making it so Lawrence Road will flow right through and eliminate a traffic light.

"Yeah I think it's a good idea... anything that will make it safer," said Sanders.

The city council awarded a more than $1.2 million bid Tuesday, March 6, to Duke Construction Company.

Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schreiber said, "They have done work for us in the past. We do believe they are more than capable of doing this project, as well."

Schreiber said Duke Construction offered the lowest bid and it even came under the set budget.

If all goes well and weather is not an issue, the city hopes the project can kick off in a matter of weeks.

"We're hoping that he can begin moving dirt in first of May. If he can begin construction the first of May, we do think there's a very good possibility we can be finished with the project by the end of October," said Schreiber.

As a whole, most people we talked to don't mind the wait or a short term mess. They're just happy something is in the works.

Project supporter Connie Tucker said, "I'm for anything that creates an improved traffic flow. Uh, as long as there's a left and turn access, I think it'll be great."

Drivers are asked to be patient, because with all the construction, it will feel like it's getting worse before it gets better.

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6