Vernon Wind Turbine Plant Stalls In The Air

The Tangarie Alternative Wind Turbine plant in Vernon is closed.

Vernon city officials told Newschannel 6 that the plant closed unexpectedly and they're trying to figure out what happened. Vernon City Manager Mitch Grant said the city does not deal with the plant directly. They are in the process of putting all the pieces together through the Vernon Business Development Corp.

President and CEO of the BDC, Shawn Stockard, said he is in contact with the principals of the plant. He said the plant is currently closed, and the 12 employees with the plant are let go.

The BDC has a board meeting scheduled Friday, March 9th, at 7 a.m. Stockard said the board will discuss the contractual obligation of the plant with the city, regarding the performance and loan of the plant.

The plant received more than $800,000 in loans and tax abatements from the city of Vernon.

Stockard said the board meeting is open to the public, and there will be an action item produced from the meeting. He said there is a chance the action item may be delayed, but that it is very unlikely.

The Tangarie Plant came to Vernon in February 2010, with the promise of generating around 100 well-paying jobs in the city by 2013.

Tangarie released the following statement regarding the plant closure:

In an effort to align the company for future growth and profitability, we have temporarily closed the facility to restructure. We have been in communication with our employees, who were notified that they would be on furlough, as we restructure our operations and wait for machined parts.

In the past few years we have undergone rapid transformation, and as with many new companies that has caused stress on our operations. As a result, the company is assessing its operations which must be changed. We need to build an innovative new organization that will align our people, culture and thinking to ensure quality consistency and efficiency of our services and products.

It is critical for our company to continuously deliver the highest level of customer service, drive operational efficiencies and enable growth. The temporary shut-down will allow us the time to plan and strategize how we move forward.

We have worked closely with our sponsoring agencies in order to attract the best talent and a skilled workforce that would be instrumental in building our company and to meet the necessary requirements with the city, county and state. With a more extensive analysis of criteria such as business environment, demographics, financial advantages and infrastructure we can reassess our operations for the future of the company and our customers.

We expect to be communicating in the near future with our business partners once our internal reassessment process is complete.

We truly appreciate the continued support that the community, city and state have provided us to ensure our company becomes a global success.