Oncor's Wire Fire Prevention

Texoma's high winds can cause a lot of stress on power lines. Oncor crews are making sure our communities stay safe and fire danger free.

Mike Nieto, Oncor's Manager of Customer Operations, said, "On a day when you can see the wind is blowing more than 30 miles an hour, our transmission lines are moving very slightly."

The reason for little movement is Oncor's wind inhibitor technology.  Nieto said the technology is installed on power lines. "It's a device called a wind spoiler that keeps the lines from galloping, but restricts the flow of air going across it."

The wind spoilers really do make a difference on windy days. Oncor said reducing the chance of transmission lines slapping prevents sparks from flying, reducing the fire danger.

On windy days Oncor crews are out working and keeping an eye on problem areas. "We do routine maintenance, so our lines are in pretty good shape." Nieto commented, "We are out working in this weather so if we notice something, we will stop and fix it."

Oncor encourages all residents to keep an eye out for any hazards, like slapping power lines, especially in windy weather. It helps Oncor maintain a safer community. Nieto said, "Safety is always our number one priority. So if you see something that you think is unsafe then let us know."

If you do see a power line that is down, don't touch it. Oncor says to call 911 or Oncor's Emergency Power Outage Reporting number at 1-888-313-4747. For any other questions you can contact Oncor's customer care number at 1-888-313-6862.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6