Restaurant Report Card

Newschannel 6 is making sure you have the tools you need, before you go out to eat. Texoma residents now have access to a new and improved restaurant grading system.

Many people are curious about what happens behind the counter at their favorite restaurants. That is why the Wichita Falls Wichita County Public Health District is making it easier for you to search.  

Susan Morris, Environmental Health Administrator said, "It's just one page and now it's easier to look at. It gives you a snap shot of the inspection check list and tells you what that inspector saw when they where there."

Morris said it is a cleaner and more understandable format. The new look will allow customers get right to the point. Morris added, any score less than a 100 means that restaurant got deductions. Morris commented, "We are basically giving them demerits, so if they had a score of 90 that means they had 10 demerits."

Restaurants like Texas Road House, Pasquals, and United Regional's Hospital Cafeteria, scored 100. Other places like Pump City Diner, in Electra scored 84, meaning they had 16 deductions.

Morris said the score sheet also includes critical violations. "If they have some critical violations that we cannot get corrected immediately," Morris said, "we will go back to make sure those violations are corrected."

Wichita County Public Health officials will update the online inspection scores weekly.

If you would like to look what your favorite restaurants scored click here.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6