Archer County Residents Keeping Their Homes

Archer County residents are relieved after learning a land dispute was all a misunderstanding.

Texas General Land Office sent letters to Archer County residents in February, stating the land their property was on, didn't belong to them.

The land in question lies between FM 2650 and Durango Trail down through Three Way Road to FM 2224 in Archer County.

General Land Office representatives met with residents Wednesday, March 7, to discuss the land dispute. Representatives said it was their mistake and hope to have the dispute resolved by the end of the month.

Many Archer County residents are now breathing a sigh of relief. "It feels good. I'm glad that they're getting it taken care of. My thing, I wish they had researched it better before they sent those letters. But when I get papers in the mail that says mine is mine, I'll feel a whole lot better," said Archer County landowner Edward Parsons.