New Falls Travel Center

Wichita Falls city officials hope the new Travel Center will make transportation easier for residents.  The city plans to make the center a central hub for all city buses and rural transportation.

Dennis Burkett with City Transportation said the plan behind this new travel center is to make public transportation more popular and accessible.  The new building will bring all public buses to one location.

Burkett said, "I think this is going to bring together the three different transportation modes."

The last time any changes were made to public transit was back in 2008.  New routes were added and a few new buses were purchased, but now the city is looking to make an even bigger change.

"What this will do is bring in the city bus, the falls ride buses and it will also bring in the intercity bus, the over the road buses, the Greyhounds and the Jefferson lines," said Burkett.

The 6,000 square foot building will be located downtown.  Land has already been cleared on Scott between 3rd St. and 4th St.

"We'll also bring in the rural providers.  The TAPS and Sharp lines that provide rural transportation, they will have a place to come in and transfer passengers through our system," Burkett said.

Providing one location for all buses, is the city's way of making transportation easier for residents.

"Those who rely on public transportation can get from one city to another, or one state to another using this inter model transfer center."  Burkett says the city's hope is that more people might see this as a smart option.

He said, "We hope that it will bring it to the forefront and people will realize that it is a good alternative to their own transportation.  As the price of gas goes up of course it may become more popular than ever."

Right now Greyhound buses use the Jolly truck stop.  That's about ten miles south of town. Bringing those buses closer to town should be more convenient.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.