Thieves Targeting Your Identity and Tax Refund

Thieves are after your identity and using the IRS to get it.

Monica Horton with the Better Business Bureau said, "The email indicates that there's been a problem with their refund. That's why people are falling for it. They're curious about that and want to know where their money is. So, just be aware that these emails are out there and be on guard."

Like all phishing emails, the IRS scam is out to steal your personal information. Thieves aren't just after your identity, they're also after your tax refund. Scammers are working hard to get their hands on all of it, anyway they know how.

"These con artists will hijack logos. They will look very authentic, um so you just need to research it, " said Horton. In some cases, scammers can steal your information, even if you don't follow their directions.

Newschannel 6 learned a virus can install itself on your hard drive. The BBB has some tips on how you can protect yourself from scammers.

- Never click on anything in these emails

- Make sure you forward the questionable email to the appropriate authorities, so they can track the scammers and stop them.

- Make sure you delete the email from your inbox and empty your computer's recycling bin, so the virus is completely removed from your hard drive.

The BBB said you'll want to run a virus scan and make sure your protection is up to date. They also said to always remember, the IRS scam is not the only one out there.

"They're gonna pose as, you know, whatever organization that they can to get you to click on a link in that email, " Horton said.

The BBB said there are new phishing emails posing as Intuit and Wells Fargo.

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6