Turbulence At Tangarie

The business development center's conference room was full Friday morning, as they discussed the future of the Tangarie plant in Vernon.

City officials and BDC board members got together March 9th to talk about the latest on the city's closed wind turbine plant, Tangarie.

Wilbarger General Hospital CEO, Jonathon Voelkel said, "We charge you with the process to get both financial data specifically from the point and time we began the process with Tangarie until now."

Leaders decided to request reports from Tangarie before taking any action.

The city's attorney, Don Malone, said getting financial and operational data from the plant will help the city make a smart decision on what to do next with the closed business.

Malone said, "(We must) analyze and ask our accountant to look at an analysis of the information that they provide and then we reconvene to make a decision about where we go from here."

He said there may be several options for the company; such as, a merger or a reorganization may help the plant get out of financial troubles. He also said it could also help the community and Vernon tax payers.

Malone said city's main goal is to preserve the jobs of its residents and make this city a stable place for employees.

He said, "Our job here is to create and retain jobs and if there is a chance that this situation can be rehabilitated in some form or fashion then the best thing that we can do is to allow jobs to be retained in some new format or some new reorganization of this company."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6