Safe Reading: Wichita Falls Library

All day people go in and out of the Wichita Falls Library. The library is keeping busy with kids out for spring break.

Kathy Vossler, Youth Services Manager with the Wichita Falls Library, said, "We have our regulars and people we get to know on a regular basis. On spring break we will have more children and families coming in."

Wichita Falls library staff said during the week of spring break there is a 50% increase in people using the library.

To ensure for a safe environment everyone in the library must follow all safety polices in the code of conduct. Vossler said, "That's basically to accept responsibility for yourself, be respectful of others and to be respectful of the library environment."

Computer labs have filtering software that blocks inappropriate sites. "If we do notice someone looking at images that are not appropriate we will send them a message." Vossler added, "If they don't stop looking at those sorts of images we can block their computer use."

Staff assures residents the Wichita Falls Library is a safe place, but ultimately a parent should always be responsible for their child.

During spring break library staff does encourage kids and families to visit the library. Youth gaming is available two days a week, and movies are offered as well this week.

Any child under the age of seven must be accompanied by a parent or an adult caregiver.

To learn more about upcoming events at the public library as well as their hours click here.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6