Congressman Thornberry Answers Your Questions

Congressman Mac Thornberry made a stop to the Newschannel 6 studio, Tuesday, March 13.

He addressed several of your questions. One viewer wanted to know why the price of fuel has been allowed to go so high.

Another viewer wanted to know if the government is going to have jobs available for every single American service member when they are cut.

Many of you also asked questions pertaining to health, voter ID law, term limits, national budget, and questions concerning the President.

Congressman Thornberry was able to answer some of your questions during our 6 p.m. newscast. The questions Thornberry was not able to answer during the news, was asked after the newscast.

You can find the unedited video of Thornberry answering your questions in the video on the  right hand column of this page, or on our Youtube page by clicking here.