Iowa Park Battling Hogs

About 2 million feral hogs call Texas home. A good portion of that pig population can be found right here in Texoma. In Iowa Park, feral hogs are roaming and destroying parts of the land. It's forcing law enforcement to take extra measures when dealing with the unruly animals.

Iowa Park resident Kevin Wells hops on his ATV everyday. He rides to check on his hog traps. Tuesday he didn't find the unwanted animals, other times he hasn't been so lucky.

"Last year I put 18, that was a pretty good year, the year before I got 12," he said.

This year feral hogs have given him a break. Since January he's only found three, but the city as a whole is battling the issue.

"It's something we are getting more accustomed to as they encroach on our community," said Iowa Park Police Chief Robert Johnson.

His officers often respond to calls about hogs roaming around in property, tearing up their yards and flower beds.

"It seems like we've had a little bit more of an issue with the last six months with some animals."

In the past six weeks the department has come across a few feral hogs, forcing officers to pull the trigger. Since the start of the year things have been getting better, but that could change.

"Hogs are getting pretty bad in Texas," said animal control officer Matt Ohm. "They just kind of migrate for a few months and keep coming back."

"What we worry about when they get in our community is the safety of our citizens and children," said Chief Johnson.

For many the job of eradication is left up to their own bare hands.

Police Chief Johnson said in the past few weeks his department has handled more than just hogs. Officers have been called to properties where homeowners have found javelinas.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.