Military Mentoring

Wichita Falls, Texas– With the continuing deployments of military personnel from Sheppard Air Force Base, Big Brothers Big Sisters wants to support the children of military personnel in a BIG way. Military Mentoring can provide a little extra support for the families of military soldiers.

"Some children have a hard time when a parent deploys, is at training, or is out of town on a temporary duty assignment (TDY). It's understandable that they may feel uncomfortable talking about it. We hope that we can provide an adult mentor who can be an extra understanding ear to a child and help the time of separation pass more quickly for them," Kem Hogue, Regional Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, said.

Military mentors will meet with their Little Brothers and Sisters two to four times a month, either at school or out in the community, depending on the parent's preference. During their time together, they can play games, go to the park, do arts and crafts, read a book or just talk about life. The focus is on developing a one-on-one friendship. Volunteers are screened and placed by Big Brothers Big Sisters. They come from all walks of life and have a heart for children and a desire to help our military families.

Big Brothers Big Sisters hopes to match children of any military personnel to a trusted and reliable volunteer as soon as possible. We will try our best to provide volunteers who were or are in the military, or have family in the military so they can relate to what the child may be going through. It's not a requirement though. Anyone with a desire to help with this project is welcome.

For the kids, it's more than just having a positive role model. It's knowing that there's an entire community behind them that wants to support them while their family member is away. For airmen, that extra support takes away some of the stress of being away from home. Both military members and their families say that extra support and stability is key to making it through a time of separation.

To register your child, volunteer to mentor a military child, or participate in other Big Brothers Big Sisters programs, contact Kem Hogue at 940-767-2447 or email at