Growing Jobs At The Rhodia Plant In Vernon

More jobs are on the horizon in Texoma. The Rhodia plant in Vernon is looking to expand its facility, to keep up with the high demands of its product. 

Rhodia's investment in Vernon is the reason for expanding the plant. The Rhodia plant plans to grow its facility and its working relationship with the city. The pair first came together in 1989.

David Klucsik, Director of Communications for Rhodia North America, said, "We have a great history here in Vernon and we have experts that are not available just anywhere else." Klucsik added, "It's a unique facility within the Rhodia industrial footprint world wide."

Klucsik said the Rhodia plant is in the beginning stages of its expansion project. The project will extend the main building to allow room for new state of the art equipment.

The Rhodia plant's product comes from the guar bean. At the plant, the guar bean is separated and made into a powder substance. That powder substance is used in everyday consumer products like shampoo, lotion and different foods. The material is also be used by oil and gas producers.

Klucsik said expansion was needed to increase production due to high demand."This is a business that has grown tremendously in recent years, as the benefits of the material become more recognized."

Among their many divisions world wide, Rhodia has two plants that process the guar product. One in Vernon, the other in India.

Klucsik said Vernon's Business Development Corporation offered Rhodia an incentive package. 
Rhodia officials said the incentive and the skill set in Texomas workforce is the reason Rhodia chose to expand their Vernon plant.

The entire expansion project is set to be finished next year. Rhodia's expansion project will create 14 new jobs in Texoma. To learn more about the Rhodia company click here.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6