Running on Empty Can do Damage

Gas prices are hitting Texomans hard. Filling up your tank only a few gallons at a time to save money, can hit your pocket book even harder.

As gas prices continue to soar many are only fueling up enough to get to their next destination.

Todd's Service Center Owners, Ray Stephens and Bobby Todd, are seeing the damage caused by running your car on an almost empty gas tank. Bobby Todd said, "People are not filling their cars up and if it gets below a quarter of a tank, you're going to burn your pump up."

Bobby Todd said gas acts as a coolant for the fuel pump that's in the tank. Once you get below a quarter of a tank the pump is not submerged in the gas, so nothing is keeping it cool.

Bobby Todd added, "It's going to get hot because you don't have enough gas in there. You need to keep at least a quarter or above."

The problem is that gas is just to expensive for some people. Bobby Todd said, "We find a lot of the younger people don't seem to have the funds to keep their cars maintained."

Kaylie Bingham said after hearing about what she's really doing to her car, now she will think twice before filling up. "I'm' going to start putting a full tank of gas in my car. I can't pay for it if it breaks down."

To get better gas mileage on your car you can do simple things like making sure your tires are checked, checking oil or any other fluids in your car.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6