Troublesome Trash in Texoma

Keeping the streets clear of litter is an effort all city agencies strive for daily.

Jack Murphy, Director of Parks and Recreation, said, "The better the city looks, it's less likely someone will want to throw something down and litter. "

Nearly 50 crew members work to maintain more than 100 street medians and 40 plus parks and city buildings. Murphy said cleaning litter takes extra time and money. "When you litter someone has to pick it up. Murphy added, "That's directly an expense to the city and it takes away from the employees productive work."

Litter pick up is also more work for TXDOT, which is responsible for all U.S. Highways, F.M. Roads and Interstates in North Texas.

Adele Lewis, Public Information Officer with TXDOT, said, "It's everything from illegal dumping to micro litter like cigarettes. It's also stuff that comes out of the back of peoples pick up trucks."

To eliminate trash TXDOT hires outside contractors and utilize their own maintenance team to pick up litter.

Lewis said residents are also stepping up to make Texoma a cleaner place by joining the Adopt A Highway Program. Through the program a group or organization is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a two mile section of roadway, at least four times a year.

If you would like to help make Texoma a clean and beautiful place, you can participate in the upcoming Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off. It takes place April 14th.

Volunteers and city groups will be out picking up litter in parks, lakes, city streets and county roads.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6