Hope in Henrietta

The city of Henrietta has plans to grow and new businesses are going up, and more are on the way.

Rick Langford, Director of Henrietta's Economic Development Corporation, said, "It's a competitive world out there and we are competing as a small town with every other city in the U.S."

The city of Henrietta is a great place to start building. Langford said the EDC is looking to bring new businesses in order to help build the city.

Langford said the EDC is concentrating along the 287 Highway bypass location. "My primary focus is going to be retail development on 287 until I can generate the funds to promote more tourism."

Langford's vision is to boost Henrietta's economy by not only reaching out to new businesses, but supporting the already existing ones. The EDC is working with local businesses to provide funding for equipment and training.

One new business is already taking advantage of the help. O'Malley Arms, a full retail firearms and ammunition accessories company, is glad to be opening its doors to the Henrietta community.

O'Malley Arms plans to open its doors April 30th. Owners say they plan to hire 12 local employees by the end of the year.

Another new business in the works is a nation wide truck stop chain.

The EDC says more changes are on the way. The city just got approved for the Safe Routes To School Program. It is a nearly $1,000,000 grant to build several miles of side walks for residents.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6