Graham Falls Victim to Vandals

The Graham Police Department is investigating a series of burglaries and acts of vandalism. Homes, vehicles, businesses and storage units were all broken into or vandalized over the span of last week into this weekend. The worst began Saturday and Sunday; two homes, two businesses, one motor vehicle and half a dozen storage units were all targets of criminal mischief.

Graham resident Robert Walters put up a light in his backyard Monday morning. It's the best he could do to keep thieves away.

"My CD player got stolen last week. I just know the cops are out spotlighting stuff," said Walters.

Walters lives on South Street the area of town hit by thieves over the weekend.

"My opinion is, it's just some young kids."

"I don't know if it was because school was out or because we had a lot of visitors in town because of spring break," said Graham Police Chief Tony Widner.

Chief Widner says crimes of this magnitude don't happen in town.

"There's no motive linked to the criminal mischief that we can tell. There were several vehicles on either the south or west portion of town that had red paint thrown on them."

Over the weekend both South Street and Grove Street were targeted. In this particular case calls began pouring in the police station at 7:30 Saturday morning and then again on Sunday.
Each with a similar story. Anything that was broken into, including storage units had little missing.

"Officers spend their time documenting reports on mischief like this when we could be doing actions that help protect people's lives," said Chief Widner.

Robert Walters says part of the problem could be lighting. He says most of the light poles down South Street don't work or there simply aren't any lights on the poles.
For him it means keeping a close eye on property, and another eye open at night.

"I sleep at night good, but the night they were spotlighting I was worried."

If you have any information about these crimes you are asked to contact the Graham Police Department at (940) 549-6441.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.