Vets' Moving Money

Transportation funds might soon become available for Texoma veterans. Newschannel 6 is learning more about a possible veteran transportation grant.

Dennis Wilde, Executive Director with Nortex Regional Planning Commission, said, "We're thinking there's an imitated need for veterans in regards to transportation." Wilde added, "They can use it for doctor appointments, getting to work so we feel the need is there."

Nortex serves 11 counties and they estimate over 14,000 veterans living in those counties. Wilde said applying for a transportation grant for Texoma veterans would be a huge help.

Nortex is trying to get the ball rolling on the transportation grant. Wilde said, "We are still in the stages of determining the need for the grant."

Nortex officials are reaching out to all county veteran representatives to find out how great the need is. Currently any veteran needing assistance with transportation would need to arrange an appointment with the disabled veteran van. The problem is that the van only leaves from a location in Wichita Falls.

Wilde said if they do get approved for the transportation grant, funding will go towards buying vans or beefing up rural transportation.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6