Still Feeling the Burn

The effects of the summer's record breaking drought are still being felt across Texoma, and your car could also be feeling the burn.

The worst one year drought on record is still causing problems. Rose's Auto & Truck is seeing first hand the effect the heat has on car parts.

Bill Rose, Owner of Rose's Auto & Truck said, "A lot of people come in and complain about a squeaking noise in their car as they run over a bump or go around a curb."

The heat is not only causing cars to squeak, belts are drying out, wipers are needing to be changed, tires are cracking and car parts are needing to be lubed up.

Rose said, "Normally you shouldn't have to lubricate a car, but under extreme circumstances where it gets hot and it starts to deteriorate you might have to do it."

Rose's mechanics say batteries are also enduring heat damage. "Extreme heat will deteriorate batteries. The battery get's so hot it will start to boil over and acid will come out of the top, which causes corrosion."

Roses's Auto & Truck makes sure all their customers stay on top of their maintenance check ups. They say preventative maintenance is key to keep a car is in good shape, ready to take on another blazing summer.

To make sure your car is in tip-top shape make sure your car is being serviced at least twice a year, once in spring and fall.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6