Bowman VFD Welcomes Truck From Connecticut

After months of paperwork and anticipation the Bowman Volunteer Fire Department is now the proud owner of a newer model fire truck. The truck pulled up early Sunday morning after a long trip from Vernon, Connecticut. The 1989 truck was purchased from the Connecticut VFD.

Last week firefighters in Connecticut loaded it on a big rig and bid farewell with a small ceremony. It was then hauled 1,700 miles to Texas. It accumulated a little dust along the way but despite it's appearance, it works like new.

"We needed a safer piece of equipment for our firemen,' said Bowman Fire Chief John Strenski. "We needed a safer piece of equipment for our community and we needed a more
reliable piece of equipment all around."

The truck will actually allow firefighters to communicate to each other before they get to the scene and it can hold double the amount of water their previous truck could, 1,000 gallons. The only downside--it took out half of the department's budget.

"We spent $16,000 on this truck and $3,200 on shipping," said Strenski.

The truck it replaced was 33-years-old and worn out by use, but things are looking up this spring/summer season.

"Last year it didn't really crank up until April so we're in March right now but looking at all the green out there right now, we're thinking that the fire season will be pushed further into the summer."

In the coming weeks stickers that signify the trucks past owner will be stripped and replaced with a new emblem, but its history made in Connecticut won't be forgotten.

"It has a lot of history and we'll take care of it for 'em."

Chief Strenski says community donations and a few local agencies paid for the engine. The department is always looking for donations. If you would like to help click here.