Starting Spirits: Bowie's First Liquor Store

Alcohol sales has been a topic of controversy in Bowie.  Now, Bowie has welcomed it's first liquor store.

Island Time Liquor opened its doors Friday, March 23.  Bowie residents and owners of the store, Truman and Susie Duke, said the rush of customers left some of their shelves empty, just as quickly as they were stocked.

Truman said, "We have been planning this for 25 or 30 years, but never expected it to happen because we weren't supposed to go wet."

It has been years in the making and for the Duke's, opening a liquor store in town was always a goal.

"It was always a joke.  If Bowie ever went wet we would open a beer barn, which now instead of a beer barn it's a liquor store," said Susie.

Island Time Liquor is the first of it's kind in town since the city went wet last December.  The Duke's say it's been word of mouth that has brought a lot of business.

"There was a lot of people coming in and being a small town, word spread fast so we had quite a few people in here.  Everybody was extremely excited about it being open," said Susie.

In just a few short business days shelves already need restocking. "It was really good busy and I saw a lot of numbers on the register," said Truman.

Alcohol in Bowie has been a long and controversial topic, but so far the Dukes say they have heard nothing but positive feedback from the community.

"People have really come out and supported us really well.  Everybody that has come in has been so excited and they have been telling their friends," they said.

Bowie's City Secretary says the city can expect to see more new liquor business.  Another store has filled for their alcohol sales license and will be joining Island Time in business soon.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.