The Red Cross Challenges You To Become A Hero

The American Red Cross is desperately in need of your donations.

After a busy 2011 and an active start to 2012, the North Central Texas American Red Cross has the organization asking Texomans to be "Heroes."

The Executive Director of the North Central Texas chapter of the American Red Cross, Katrina Farmer, told Newschannel 6 the importance of the Heroes' Campaign in Texoma.

The campaign is a commitment to try and bring in $1,000 to Texoma's Red Cross, Katrina Farmer said. "We need to, as a Red Cross, be ready to respond at the moment's notice and have the money in the bank so we don't have to worry about, 'Are we able to meet everybody's needs?' So it's very important people come on board and become a hero for your community," said Farmer.

Katrina Farmer said, "We've had an unbelievable last year between wildfires and everything else and then January started and we started having house fire after house fire after house fire. And then we had the big apartment fire. So that's a lot of families we have helped. It really stretched our budget to be able to meet the needs of those people."

Farmer stressed that the need is especially great in Texoma this year. So great, Farmer said, the organization is extending the fundraising deadline to the end of April this year in order to try and reach its total goal: $25,000.

Anyone can be a hero. "It can be any group. School kids can do it, a penny drive, you can put a lemonade stand out in your yard… anything that you can do to try and bring in a thousand dollars," Farmer said.

Financial donations, no matter their dollar amount, are appreciated. In fact, Katrina Farmer said any help is appreciated - even if people cannot give money. The Red Cross will take your blood, your money, and of course, your time.

"We need people. If you're in a situation and you have time, but you don't have money, come down and sign up and become a Red Cross volunteer. There [are] all kinds of positions."

You can give to the American Red Cross, the non-profit organization, by clicking, calling, or even texting! You can donate any amount of money on the web:, you can call 1 (800) RED-CROSS, and you can even text the word "RedCross" to 90999. If and when you text this number, a $10 donation will show up on your phone bill. Of the $10 donation, $9.50 of it will go straight to the Red Cross, no matter your cell phone provider.

For more information on the American Red Cross in Texoma, click here or paste this link in your web browser:

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6