Understaffed, Overqualified

Many jobs are on the horizon for Texomans, but the open positions might not be right for you.

Wichita Falls and surrounding counties are bringing in new jobs. Unemployed Texomans are ready and willing to apply.

Bill Scantlin, Business Services Manager with Workforce Solutions North Texas, said, "Anytime we can get people off the unemployment roll and put them back to work, it's a good thing."

Currently there are a little more than 7,000 unemployed Texomans in our surrounding 11 counties.

"Any kind of a job for right now that puts food on the table and pays the bills, it's good." Scantlin added, "It builds job experience and builds skills that you could use later down the line."

Scantlin said the problem is many people might be overqualified for those jobs. He said the key is the job seeker needs to prove he or she can be a team player, and they will be there for the duration.

"What the employer will probably think in the back of their mind is, if I hire this person they are only going to stick around until the best deal comes," Scantlin said.

Workforce Solutions North Texas said more jobs will be coming to Texoma, and not in the service industry. Nearly 300 technical positions jobs will soon be available through AT&T.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6