Blowing in Jobs: New Wind Farm in Archer County

Archer County's Bobcat Bluff wind project is blowing into town. The project will span 14,000 acres near Windthorst.

The wind project is still in the beginning phases.  The county just signed a tax abatement agreement with investors.  Construction workers are clearing land and preparing to bring in equipment for the new Bobcat Bluff wind project.

Archer County Judge Gary Beesinger said,"It'll be an impressive sight to go out here south and east of town look at 100 towers on the highway.  It will be, minimum 50 megawatt, up to 150 megawatt wind farm project that is in the south eastern part of the county."

The farm will look a lot like the BP plant near Olney.  About 100 1.5 megawatt towers will cover acres of land and with it will come jobs.  It will bring about 200 jobs, both long and short term positions.

"That involves every truck that's going to be involved in hauling the components to the wind farm.  It's going to involve all the cement workers, the actual construction people and every phase and element of construction," said Beesinger.

Besides employment opportunities, the county can also expect money.  The abatement plan calls for a payment to the county of more than $60,000 for the first three years and more than over $180,000 for the following four years.

"It's going to help the county's budget tremendously, so its going to have a great impact for Archer County itself," said Beesinger.

The site is already showing activity and Judge Beesinger says the towers will go up fast. He is looking forward to the new addition.

"The wind farm industry is a great industry to impact counties and we're excited to have them here," he said.

The county's Economic Development Coordinator Kelly Coleman says she has heard some negative feedback from residents who don't want change.

Still the majority of people realize this is a way for their county to grow and progress. Beesinger said, "It's going to have a tremendous impact on Archer County."

For a look at the positions available click here.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.