Weeding Out The Problem

Texoma farmers and ranchers continue to struggle with effects from the drought. Across North Texas weeds are causing problems on pastures and fields.

Zach Parker, Owner of Parker Ranch, said, "This year we are putting down a pretty good amount of fertilizer and weed killers. We'll come back later in about 60 days and control it again."

The drought did its damage and weeds are starting to grow and take over. Controlling wild weeds in spring is critical.  "That is the most vital time." Parker added, "If you let those weeds get away from you in the spring, you're not going to be able to control them going forward."

Parker said people are repairing their country for the future, and it is the best investment even if it is expensive.

The majority of pastures were over grazed last year because of the drought. Parker said over stocking cattle on pastures also caused weeds to come up.

Killing weeds before they invade is key. Parker said, "You can't let them get away from you as far as their maturity goes." He added, "It's a lot more expensive to control it because your chemical concentration has to be a lot higher to control it."

Parker Ranch staff says the weed spray is not harmful to the cattle. They say the cattle can even graze while you spray.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6