Lawn Care Outlaws

The number of overgrown lawns is a rising problem in Texoma.

Greg Pounds, who owns Pro Quality Lawn and Landscape, said he worked on 23 yards Thursday. That hasn't been uncommon over the past few months and he says the calls aren't slowing down.

"These weeds are just going crazy this year," Pound said.

He works all day maintaining lawns and helping homeowners get their yards up to city code.  Spring is typically busy, but this year is unusual.

Pound said,"Typically we kind of get rolling in March slowly, but everything just started so much earlier this year."

Calls started pouring in at the beginning of the year. Pounds says it's the effects of the drought that has everything growing out of control.

"I was mowing all through January and February of this year and the weeds are just out of control," he said.   "It's been a whole lot busier.  Really good for business."

He's surprised at the amount of overgrowth he's been called to cut down.

"We did one last week and we were cutting five foot high broad leaf weeds," he said.  "My wife would have got lost in them!"

He moves quickly from house to house, working hard to reach each costumer.  He says he's thankful for the amount of work, even when it means a busy schedule.

"I just have to take advantage of what I've got now and then hopefully it will just continue," Pound said.

Since January, Code Enforcement Officers have sent more than 1,700 warning letters asking residents to cut their grass.  If weeds or grass is nine inches or above, a citation could be issued.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.