Clearing Up The Confusion

Street signs with the same names have been the source of frustration in Bowie.  City officials are now working to clear up the confusion.

City Manager, James Cantwell said, "The residents out there are the ones who pointed it out to us and wanted to change."

For years residents in Bowie have shared similar addresses.  There are five First Streets and three Second Streets in town.  Cantwell said it's created a lot of confusion and frustration.

"The confusion about the 911 system actually stimulated the request from the neighbors and the whole Koffman subdivision."

Fire Chief Doug Page said,"Whenever somebody calls for 911 and we get a First or Second Street address there are three different locations in the county it could be."

Not too long ago, an address mix up happened at a crucial time. "Last year we have a wildfire right off of Second Street and it had some confusion with that as well," said Page.

That's why residents on First and Second Street in the Koffman sub-division have asked the city to change the street names.

Winston Ezzell has lived on First Street for years.  He says some of the most frustrating things is getting other people's mail and giving directions to his house.

He said,"We have actually, personally punched in our address when we were traveling and stuff like that and it actually directs us to either Stoneburg or 1806 instead of here."

First Street will become McWilliams Drive and Second Street will be Slaton Drive. While it will help make things more clear, it may take some getting used to.

"I've caught myself with the past bills and stuff like that already writing them down the old address and having to change it," said Ezzell.

The new signs are expected to come in and be installed in the next few weeks.

Slaton Street is named after the late Department of Public Safety Trooper David Slaton, who lost his life while on duty.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.