Missing Holliday Man Facing Charges

A missing 20-year old man found alive in Mankins, will be facing several charges and citations.

Holliday Police Chief, Joe Chunn said Blaine Gilmore was missing since around 5:30, Sunday morning, after he was in a car accident in Holliday.

The wrecked vehicle was found, but officials did not find Gilmore.

He was found Sunday night, almost 18 hours later. The 20-year old was walking down Highway 82, about six miles from Holliday and appeared to be dehydrated.

He's facing several citations and charges, accused of leaving the scene of an accident, hitting two parked cars and a car port. He's not charged with a DWI because he hasn't been tested.

Stay with NewsChannel 6 as we continue to follow his pending charges and citations.