BBB Addresses Fake BBB Complaint Emails

Businesses and consumers are getting fake emails that appear to come from the BBB. One business owner reported receiving 90 of these phishing emails on Friday.

The senders have not gotten your email address by hacking into the BBB's system. Consumers and businesses that are not in our database are receiving these emails.

The BBB has been told that as many as 400 per minute are being sent all over the US and Canada. These senders are overseas crime rings and the BBB is not the only respected organization whose name is being used in these attacks. Others include the IRS and NACHA (National Automated Clearinghouse Association).

The BBB is working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to shut down these attacks.

· Do not reply to the email or download attachments.
· Be sure your anti-virus and other computer protection software is up-to-date.
· If you clicked on a link or downloaded an attachment, have your computer scanned for viruses.
· To help us find and stop these crooks, send sample emails to