High Court Upholds Jails' Strip Searches

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that jailers may perform strip searches for people arrested, including for minor offenses.

We spoke with Sheriff David Duke for more information on how policy affects Wichita County.

Sheriff Duke said the county's policy is to strip search a person if they might have smuggled a weapon, narcotics or cash inside the correctional facility.

"We don't do it for everybody or even random searches. But if you have probable cause to believe they're concealing something in the jail, then we'll do it," he said.

The Supreme Court ruled against a New Jersey man, by a 5-4 vote Monday, who complained that strip searches in two county jails violated his civil rights.

Albert Florence was forced to undress and submit to strip searches following his arrest on a warrant for an unpaid fine, though the fine actually had been paid. Even if the warrant had been valid, failure to pay a fine is not a crime in New Jersey.