Courthouse Adds Charm to Texoma Town

The exterior of the Hardeman County Courthouse is nearly restored after receiving a $1.9 million main street grant more than a year ago.

"All the mortar was replaced in the brick work. All the windows were replaced, doors, roof, general outside restoration," said Hardeman County Judge Ronald Ingram.

The county had to match the grant with $350,000 of its own money. Construction began on the 105-year-old courthouse in August of 2010.

"We're a little longer than we should been.  We have a handicap door that hasn't been completed. We have some adjustment to make, but the project is 99% complete on the exterior."

Another project may begin soon on the interior where this courthouse has seen history in the making. "There have been lots of events over the years that I have read about in the minute books and in the history books, lots of big trials," said Judge Ingram.

"Now we've been accepted this year and have been awarded at $3.1 million to do the interior." That grant would require the county to match it 3 to 1 with $930,000. The project would restore floors, walls, electrical wiring and open the district courtroom with a balcony, but it all comes down to money and taxpayers.

"We don't want to put the taxpayers in a burden. We're looking at budget numbers," said Judge Ingram. "We're looking at long range plans."

The restoration project would also force all offices to relocate for more than a year. Hardeman County Commissioners will meet Monday morning to discuss whether to accept the grant.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.