Severe Weather Ignites Oil Tanker Fires

Severe weather in Texoma caused multiple tank battery fires, Tuesday.

Young County Fire Chief Steve Reager said lighting struck an oil tank battery on Macabee road off FM 3109 on the Archer-Young line.

Reager said three of the tanks torpedoed when the lighting struck. It blew off the bottoms of the tanks, throwing them into a pasture. Grass in the area did not catch on fire, but all 6 tank batteries were incinerated. It took fire fighters an hour and a half to extinguish the flames.

No homes were destroyed because the fire was a mile from the nearest house. No one was injured or killed except for one lizard that Reager said was "cooked from the fire."

He said the owners, who live in lubbock, lost quite a bit of money with this fire.

Reager said there were three tank battery fires Tuesday. "There was one early this morning on Red Top Cemetery Road. The third was on MX Ranch road. I didn't make it to the third one," he said.

Stay with Newschannel six as we get more information on the fires.