Texomans React to DFW Tornadoes

The National Weather Service reported six to 12 tornadoes touched down in North Texas Tuesday. The tornadoes tossed around semis; tore off the roofs of homes and businesses; and caused several injuries. Newschannel six spoke with many Texomans, who were in close contact with family and friends, following Tuesdays devastation.

Like many people across Texoma, and across the country, Darron Nix is concerned about what's happening just hours away from home.

"It woke me up, the thunder, this (Tuesday) morning," he said. "That's when I turned on the weather channel and I saw everything."

When Darron saw the destruction, the first thing he did was get in contact with his son.

"I've been texting my son. He lives and works in Irving. He is doing fine," Darron said.

"I've gotten a hold of everyone except for my mom. That's basically the last person I'm trying to get a hold of, so basically trying to hear from her," said Bryan Morgan.

Morgan was born and raised in Dallas. The Texoma student says the massive storm is surprising in nature.

"We haven't experienced a storm like that in a long time," he said.

"You think about people that you know, like, Oh I just went shopping there last week," said Jennifer Spurters. "It also brings back some of the stories, devastation and pictures you see from '79."

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.