Wichita County House Fire

Wichita County Sheriff, David Duke believes the cause of a massive structure fire, Wednesday in Wichita County, could be smoking-related.

The fire started in the northeast part of the house, where the owner had been smoking in a chair before the incident. "All indications we have are consistent with smoking material fire, slow smoldering fires," Duke said.

By the time our Newschannel Six team made it to the scene, around 11 a.m., the house on the block of 1500 Cameron Lane was engulfed in flames.

Cameron Gardens, Wichita East and Iowa Park fire departments were all at the scene, including ten units from the Wichita County Sheriffs Dept.

They managed to put out the flames, that rose up to 40 feet, about two hours later.

"The back part of the house collapsed, roof fell in, so we had to pull it out by hand. that's why we were out there so long," Duke said.

He said no one was home, but there were three dogs and some birds inside, at the time of the fire. None of the animals survived.

Duke said at this time the incident seems to be "100% accidental" with no suspicions of foul play. It's unknown whether the house is a total loss, but the damage is worth at least $60,000 to $80,000.