Resumania: MSU Career Expo

Midwestern State University is helping its students be prepared and be job ready. The university has a goal for its students to land a job when they graduate.

Students getting ready to graduate in May, may be all thinking the same thing, how they will land a job in the real world?

For Midwestern State University students the help is there. Randi Roanhaus, Employee Relations Coordinator with MSU's Career Management Center, said, "At the university we instill values in our students that they take into the career of their choice."

The center offers free services to all current MSU students and alumni. Roanhaus commented, "We call this a job of the heart. We really want to connect these students with the career of their choice."

The Career Management Center prepares students on how to become job ready when they graduate. The center covers all areas including:

  • Crafting the right resume
  • Developing cover letters
  • Job searching
  • Interview skills
  • Learning how to dress for success

Roanhaus said, "We prepare students to go into the workforce to handle the situation where ever they are."

Another tool the university offers is a website specific for MSU students or alumni. They can post their resumes on the site where employers can recruit them.

MSU students and alumni have a chance to meet with employers at  the MSU's Career Employment Fair. It takes place April 10th from 3:30 to 6:30 PM at the Clark Student Center.

Nearly 50 Texoma employers will be present.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6