Colby Comes Home

Texoma resident Wendy Reams alerted us on our facebook page that her three dogs disappeared straight out of her backyard.

It has been seven months since we last brought you this story, but after all that time Wendy has just been reunited with one of her three pooches that went missing.

Texoma resident Wendy Reams continued to search the web for several months after her three dogs went missing straight from her backyard.

Wendy said, "I didn't ever give up and sure enough he turns up on craigslist." Wendy added, "The girl couldn't take care of him anymore and posted the add, and now I have him back."

After Wendy recognized Colby she contacted the woman who had taken Colby in after finding him wandering on the streets.

"I was anxious and really excited. As soon as I saw Colby tears came down." Wendy added, "When Colby got home and saw the house he knew he was back home."

Colby is finally back home with the family, Wendy, her husband, son Justice and their other dog Fred.

Wendy's two other dogs, Zeus and Ghangas are still missing. Wendy said she never gave up with Colby and she will never give up hope searching for Zeus and Ghangas.

Wichita County Humane Society says every animal owner should chip their pets. It costs $15.00 and you can have it done at The Humane Society, Animal Services Center, or at Petco.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6