Reclaimed Resources: Bowie's New Water Project

Bowie is working on a new project that will bring in money and help them plan for their future. The city's new water reservoir will be a holding tank for reclaimed water.

Bowie's City Manager James Cantwell says they expect the reclaimed water tank project to be extremely profitable and it will put the city's water to much better use.  Right now Bowie's sewer plant spends time and money to clean and filter water only to dump it into a nearby creek.

Cantwell said,"A lot of it evaporates, a lot of it soaks in."

With the city's new reservoir project, the once wasted water will help bring in a lot of extra money.

They already have a company lined up ready to buy the water and have it pumped to them.

"Right now most of the water is going to go to supply water for fracking," he said.

Besides bringing in funds, the reclaimed water will help Bowie plan ahead.

"The city of Bowie was determined to need a certain amount of water in 2060," explained Cantwell.

According to the state's mandated regional water plan, Bowie must have plenty of water to last into 2060.  This tank will help them hold and keep water they need.  A project like this could be very expensive, but Cantwell says it's a lot cheaper than they had first thought.

He said,"The long-term estimate of what it was going to cost to do something like this was about $2.5 million and we're going to get it done about a half million."

The new water tank will hold more than 700,000 gallons per day.  The reclaimed water project should be up and running in the next two months.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.