Weather Radio SAME Codes By County

NOAA Weather radios broadcast service that airs normal and emergency weather information.

NWR broadcasts warnings for all types of hazards:

  • Weather - tornadoes, floods, etc
  • Natural - earthquakes, forest fires and volcanic activity
  • Technological - chemical releases, oil spills, nuclear power plant emergencies, etc.
  • National emergencies - terrorist attacks

If the radio is off or tuned to another band, it automatically turns on and goes to the weather band for emergency weather information.


SAME Code Transmitter Coverage per County

Archer, TX

048009 Wichita Falls, TX
Baylor, TX 048023 Wichita Falls, TX Throckmorton, TX

Clay, TX

048077 Wichita Falls, TX Throckmorton, TX

Foard, TX

048155 Childress, TX

King, TX

048269 Dickens, TX Childress, TX

Knox, TX

048275 Throckmorton, TX

Hardeman, TX

048197 Altus, OK Childress, TX

Wichita, TX

048485 Wichita Falls, TX
Wilbarger, TX 048487 Altus, OK Wichita Falls, TX

Throckmorton, TX

048447 Throckmorton, TX

Comanche, OK

040031 Chickasha, OK Lawton, OK

Cotton, OK

040033 Lawton, OK Wichita Falls, TX

Jackson, OK

040065 Altus, OK Childress, TX

Jefferson, OK

040067 Ardmore, OK Denton, TX

Montague, TX

048337 Denton, TX

Stephens, OK

040137 Ardmore, OK Chickasha, OK Lawton, OK 
Tillman, OK 040141 Altus, OK Lawton, OK Wichita Falls, TX 

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