No Warning: Henrietta's Severe Weather Sirens

We are in the peak of severe storm season and Henrietta's weather warning sirens are not working. Only one of three tornado sirens are working and it only works part of the time. It's putting Henrietta residents in potential danger.

Henrietta resident Joan Lavy said, "Sirens just kept going on and on, and I said there's something wrong. A few days later it was the same thing again."

Joan Lavy is among many Henrietta residents who have been hearing tornado sirens going off randomly. City officials say one of the three sirens was malfunctioning.

Kelly Bloodworth, City Administrator, said, "It happened so often that people just got use to it going off and that's not something that we want." Bloodworth added, "When those go off we want people to take notice and know that there's something there."

City officials say the city has gone for some time without all three sirens working properly. Henrietta City Council just approved the funding of $6,000 to fix two of the three sirens and the radio decoder.

Bloodworth said, "Replacing them is a money issue, but I do feel it's a top priority for the safety of the people and City of Henrietta."

Bloodworth said the third siren will have to be replaced all together. She added by saying money is one of the main issues on why the sirens have not been kept up.

"We've struggled financially but we are on an up-turn and headed in the right direction." Bloodworth added, "We have a good council right now that looks out for the best interest of the citizens."

When Newschannel 6 asked why the city has gone this long without repairing the sirens, Bloodworth says she couldn't comment on the last city administrators' actions.

Newschannel 6 Skywarn Storm Team wants to remind residents not to solely rely on tornado sirens. In most cases, sirens are intended for people who are outdoors. Instead invest in a NOAA Weather Radio and keep your television tuned to Newschannel 6.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6