Bowie's Project Green

Residents in one Texoma town are asking their city leaders to make recycling more accessible.  Bowie's Project Green is formed of seven students from North Central Texas College.

The group says Bowie does have a recycling dumpster, but say its not very accessible and most people don't even know its there.  Now they are doing their part to make a change.

The group's goal is to offer curbside recycling to every resident in Bowie.

Bowie's Project Green group member Desiree Drattlo said, "70% of your trash is recyclable and most people don't know that."

Bringing recycling to Bowie has been a long conversation, but Desiree says it was a class at North Central Texas College that brought the topic back to light.

The spokesperson of the group, Trevor Hart said,"It was our idea to put Bowie on the map as a small town that can do big things."

Trevor presented the group's idea of curbside recycling to Bowie's City Council in early April.

"I thought the overall attitude was positive towards the subject," he said.

While it was positive, it has not been accepted yet.  That's why the students are spending their time going door to door, educating residents and asking them to get on board.

"In one week we got 264 signatures," said Desiree.

Almost 300 signature is more than they expected, but they aren't finished yet.

"We feel we need to educate and push this issue until it passes," Trevor said.

They say the City's main concern is charging residents extra money for the service each month.  Trevor says it would be about $3.91.

The group thinks the cost will be worth it.

"We are really going to search until we can find a way," said Trevor.

Desiree added, "I think that Bowie's been wanting something like this, but just not knowing how to get it done."

Right now members of Bowie's Project Green say they are trying to target businesses and also the elderly in the community.  They say its important to make sure all residents understand why recycling is necessary and how it will help Bowie's future.

IESI is the towns garbage provider, but they also offer recycling programs.  A representative is scheduled to talk to city leaders next week at City Council about the possibility of curbside recycling.

Bowie's Project Green members say they will continue to meet with city officials and provide them with more signatures.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.