Texas Trash Off

Hundreds of Texomans are making efforts to keep our communities clean and trash free. It is the 26th annual Texas Trash Off on Saturday.

Burkburnett resident William Moore is exited to hear that the Texas Department of Transportation is making efforts to pick up trash. William said, "I'll pick up trash that blows into my yard, but that's somebody else's trash blowing into my yard."

TXDOT wants people to think twice before throwing out their trash. Ben Coker, Assistant Public Information Officer with TXDOT, said, "Anytime you throw trash out of the window it flies out of the back of your truck, and it becomes everybody problem." Coker added, "People have to go clean litter up and money has to be spent."

Thousands of dollars are spent every year picking up people's trash. "Just in the Wichita Falls area we spend over $20,000 a year on contractors to come out and pick up trash." Coker added, "That's $20,000 that can be spent on repairing pot holes and roadways or making roads safer."

During Texas Trash Off 500 volunteers will head out to state and U.S. Highways, maintained roads and F. M. roads. They will pick up mainly litter and debris that has fallen out of vehicles on highways.

TXDOT officials encourages residents to do the right thing and not litter. Coker said, "It's made an impact in reducing the trash, but even today we still see trash out on the roadways."

TXDOT says they will provide 30 gallon trash bags and safety vest for all volunteer groups who participate in the Texas Trash Off event.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6