WF Parking Problems`

Wichita falls resident Yolanda Sandoval was surprised to find a parking ticket on her windshield yesterday morning.  She said, "we got no warning, this is a sixty dollar ticket, it is no warning."
Sandoval was parked in front of her house, on the curb, but with the front of her car facing traffic.  She said this practice was normal in the neighborhood.

"Everyone was parking, you know, along the side of the road, in front of their houses, but either direction," said Sandoval.

Police tell Newschannel 6 they are not targeting specific neighborhoods.  Lieutenant Joseph Puddu of the Wichita Falls Police Department said, "the is no neighborhood that's really sticking out, its pretty much even across the city."

Puddu said the department is responding to an overwhelming number of complaints about parking city wide.
"Over the past couple months there's been an excessively high number of complaints that have been called in directly to me.  Due to the calls and the problems that I'm seeing and that I'm getting from citizens directly I have told my officers to start enforcing."

Sandoval says she's happy to comply with the law, but in the future she'd like to see more communication between officials and residents.

"If there's a change, let us know, tell me.  Tell me my house is being moved and I'll move with my house."

Lieutenant Puddu stressed this stepped up enforcement is a direct response to complaints about people blocking driveways, abandoning their cars and even parking on the wrong side of the road.

If you have an issue you want the police department to address, you can e-mail them directly at

Jack Lamson, Newschannel6