Setting Up Shop

Archer County is seeing growth in their local businesses.  Just this week, the county welcomed new shops in Scotland and Windthorst.  Both are family owned businesses and the owners said the Archer County community has been a big support.  They also say they are happy to offer something new to residents.

Owner of Big Rusty's BBQ, Rusty Anderson said,  "I'd been in the corporate world for 21 years and I decided it was time to do something more suitable for what I wanted to do."

"We wanted to try something new," said Kurt Wolf, owner of Scotland's new liquor store.

The owners of Archer County's newest shops both say it was the idea of change that brought their businesses to town.  For the liquor store, the change was about restoring a community staple.

"Seven to eight years ago it closed down and it was previously a liquor store," said Wolf, owner of Wolf Pak N Sak.

For years Scotland had been without a local liquor shop.  That's when the Wolf family stepped in, saving an old building and bringing business back to Scotland.

"Its an older building, it started to fall down and tear apart and everything and we had the opportunity to purchase it," Wolf said.

Before they opened, residents drove out of town to get to the nearest liquor store, but Wolf said now things can stay local.

"Shopping local seems to make a lot of sense," he said.

Big Rusty's BBQ restaurant is also keeping good food and money in the area.  Anderson, owner of the BBQ joint, opened his first Windthorst restaurant just this week.

He said,"Earlier in the week it was really nuts."

Lines get long and parking has been tight, but he said he's thankful for the overwhelming support of Archer County residents.

"They've been supportive since before we opened.  There's a good bunch of people in this town," Anderson said.

Both new places are located right off of 281.  The owners of the liquor shop and the restaurant say they chose these locations to cater to both residents and travelers.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.