Afghan Gov't: Militant Blames Haqqanis For Attacks

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - A suspected militant under arrest said a group with ties to al-Qaida carried out an 18-hour attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Officials said 36 insurgents were killed as well as eight policemen and three civilians before the attack ended this morning.

Government-led forces worked to defeat insurgents holed up in one building in the heart of the city and another near parliament as darkness turned to dawn on Monday.

Fighting had subsided by 7 a.m., but sporadic gunfire could still be heard near the parliament building.

The Taliban began their coordinated attacks on Sunday in the capital and three eastern cities.

Insurgents hit embassies, government buildings and NATO bases on Sunday. Authorities said one police officer and at least 17 militants were killed.

It's the Taliban's boldest and most complex assault in years.

A Taliban spokesman said the attacks had been planned for two months to show the insurgency's power after NATO commanders called the Taliban weak and said there was no indication they were planning a spring offensive.